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Wood Elf Level

Concept by Khang Le



Wood Elf Level was designed for the original Project Offset back in 2007. I went ahead and created the scene on my personal time seeing that it was not in line for being created for the game. I used a number of passes and Mental Ray to render out this scene. Some touchup and adjustments were added in photoshop.


Fog Pass

The fog pass was set up through zdepth pass on the render. It really helped control depth of the image.

Beauty Pass

The beauty pass was setup as a simple render with textures, lights and shadows. I used around 9 lights throughout the scene. Later a shadow pass was added to control the darkness of the shadows.

Light Rays

Light Rays were seperated out by just rendering the light with light fog shaders then applying a matte to the entire scene.

Spec pass

Rendered out with just the spec and bump map on in the shaders.

Spec Bloom Pass

Set the spec to glow adding bounce and bloomed light to the scene

Reflection Pass

Smoke Pass

Composited in smoke.

Ambient Occlusion Pass w/ Final Gather

Dove Pass

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