3d Environment Artist
Ben Jaramillo

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PHONE: 1-714-788-7025
WEBSITE: www.bjjaramillo.com
E-MAIL: benjaramillo@msn.com


2006: Bachelors of Science in Game Art and Design
Art Institute of California



* Dedicated, hardworking individual who concentrates continuously on quality
*3 years of experience working within the game industry on
current generation and future generation of games
*Knowledge of creating workflow for an art team and ability to
creatively work with new tools
*Worked with and tested a variety of artist content creating tools like
Speedtree, xnormal, sketch up, etc.
*Detail oriented and always looking to improve on quality of
personal work



Alias Maya
Pixologic Zbrush 3.1 to 3.5
Autodesk 3ds Studio Max
Offset Engine and Editor
Unreal Editor
Mel Scripting
Adobe Photoshop
Digital Painting and Sketching
Adobe Premiere
Mesh Labs
Body Paint



Intel, Senior Level Artist January 2008-currently

*Modeling environment art assets, props, and content for Project offset and Intel

*Experimenting and troubleshoooting newly developed tools in order to construct an artist workflow with Art Director, Leads, and managers

*Texture creation and mapping(color, spec, normal, transmission, ambient occlusion, etc.)

*Sculpting and baking high poly to low poly meshes using various techniques

*Working with programmers and lead artist to support artist tools for the Offset Engine (ex. vertex paint, entity paint, skirting tools, etc. )

*Used and tested various tools for production workflow and art creation(Havok, speedtree, xnormal, mesh labs, body paint,)

*Working with a small group of artists on developing artistic strategy to create inspiring and high detailed art

*Working with team to assemble playable and fun game environments

*Creating props in Maya and Sculpting in Zbrush

 Offset Software, Senior Environment Artist, September 2006-
September 2007

*Creating texture maps (spec, normal, color, diffuse, ambient occlusion) and models for FPS for PC and Xbox360 constraints

*Working with Environment Team/Art Director to build inspiring environments

*Rendering light maps

*Constructing and baking high poly models to low poly(Zbrush 3)

*Working with team members(design, art, and programing teams) to construct playable and dynamic environments and levels

Red 5, Contract Environment Artist, May 2007-Sept. 2007

*Building, Designing, and Texturing environments for mmorpg

EXCreative, Freelance Artist, June 2006

*Texturing and unwrapping film quality poly and sub D models




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