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Project Offset 2007

These Screenshots were taken back in 2007 when we were based down in Irvine, CA. These scenes and levels were used as part of the games pitch to numerous clients and publishers. For more information and current updates of the game go to www.projectoffset.com

Street Scene

The street scene was done as a small enclosed multiplayer area where we tested and proved gameplay over a network. The houses were modeled by me as well as the brick wall texture, ground textures, and models. The other textures and cloth models in the scene were done by James Hawkins (who also constructed the level) and lighting was by Khang Le. Some other small props were modeled and textured by Dave Nguyen. Character by Trevor Stringer. The video can be searched for on youtube. Disappointingly the high quality video can no longer be found on gametrailers but for other trailers and older videos go to gametrailers.com

My contributions: House Models, House Textures, Ground Textures, Small Props
Character: Trevor Stringer

Construction and cloth textures: James Hawkins
Lighting: Khang Le

The Sewers

My Contributions: Pillar Models, Textures, LOD's
Lighting: Khang Le
Construction and Placement: James Hawkins


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